YT8531(S) Series, Another Motorcomm's Best Seller, Comes Out


In June 2021, Motorcomm officially launched YT8531 series product with fully independent intellectual property rights.

As a highly-integrated and low-power-consumption Ethernet transceiver, the YT8531 series product supports 10BASE-Te, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T, and IEEE802.3 protocols. It provides all the necessary physical layer functionality to transmit and receive Ethernet packets over CAT.5E UTP cables. The YT8531 series product uses state-of-the-art DSP technology and analog front end (AFE) for high-speed data transmission and reception via UTP cables.

With cross detection, auto correction, polarity correction, adaptive equalization, crosstalk cancellation, echo cancellation, timing recovery, error correction, and other functions, the YT8531 series product provides stable transmission and reception capabilities up to 10Mbps, 100Mbps, or even 1000Mbps. Data transfer between MAC and PHY takes place over a simplified reduced Gigabit Media Independent Interface (RGMII) or Serial Gigabit Media Independent Interface (SGMII) for 1000BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 10BASE-Te. The YT8531 series product supports a variety of RGMII signal voltages including 3.3V, 2.5V and 1.8V. It also supports SerDes interface protocols including SGMII, 1000BASE-X, SGMII or 100BASE-FX. It has a proprietary feature called LRE100-4, which enables the device to automatically negotiate and connect with LRE100-4 compatible link partners up to 400 meters at 100 Mbps over CAT.5E cables.

Since its establishment, Motorcomm has launched industrial, consumer, automotive and multi-port PHY series products in just four years. It provides services covering consumer, digital communication, automotive, security and industrial application scenarios, and is one of the few companies in China passing AEC-Q100 Grade 1 and OPEN Alliance interoperability certifications. By the end of last month, Motorcomm's single-month capacity hit 10 million chips, and its supply target was successfully met.