Motorcomm Unveils the First Self-developed 2.5G Ethernet Chip


With urban digitalization, gigabit broadband network is used in various application scenarios, whose speed may be improved in the future. Starting this year, increasing high-end products, including WIFI6 routers, personal computers, and home fiber broadband products, are equipped with 2.5G Ethernet ports.

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Based on the “market-oriented and technology-driven” business philosophy and after nearly two years of research and development, Motorcomm unveiled its first-generation 2.5G Ethernet chips in Q4 of 2021, which performed well in the sample test. This chip bridges the independent R&D of ultra-high-speed Ethernet chips in China.

Motorcomm’s first-generation 2.5G Ethernet physical layer chips include commercial grade chips and industrial grade chips. The product models include YT8821C (commercial grade) and YT8821H (industrial grade). It adopts QFN48 (6mm x 6mm) packaging technology and has two interfaces of 2500BaseX and SGMII_plus. Covering various application requirements, it is the best choice for upgrading 2.5G Ethernet network for WIFI6 routers, 10G PON, workstations, network storage, 5G customer terminal equipment, and other products.

As a completely independent chip design company, Motorcomm adheres to the corporate culture of efficiency, friendliness and the pursuit of excellence. We shoulder the social responsibility as a chip enterprise, always focus on products, and spare no effort for the sound development of chips.