Motorcomm Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Successfully Listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange



On the morning of February 10th, Motorcomm Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and a listing ceremony was held in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. As the first listed company in Suzhou High-tech Zone this year, Motorcomm achieved a “good start” in the Year of the Rabbit. Gu Haidong, member of the Standing Committee of Suzhou Municipal Committee and executive vice mayor, Song Changbao, vice secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the Management Committee of Suzhou High-tech Zone, and city leaders Jin Xiaohu, Yu Wei, Xie Shanhong, Yu Meihua, Lu Chao, Hu Jie, Sun Hong, and Zhou Ping attended the ceremony together with Zhou Jie, chairman of Haitong Securities, representatives of brokers, and heads of intermediary agencies to witness the historic and important moment of Motorcomm.

Motorcomm Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017, focusing on the R&D, design, and sales of high-speed wired communication chips. It has built R&D centers in Suzhou High-tech Zone and Shanghai Zhangjiang Science City, established companies in Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenzhen, and set up branch in Singapore, aiming at realizing the industrialized development of full coverage services. With the goal of achieving the high reliability, high stability, and localization of communication chip products and as one of the few suppliers in the Chinese mainland who enjoy independent intellectual property rights and realize the large-scale sales of multi-rate and multi-port Ethernet physical layer chips, the enterprise will take Ethernet physical layer chips as the breakthrough point and continuously launch more competitive chip products.