Motorcomm Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Helps "Future Car" Drive on "Rule of Law"


On March 22nd, Motorcomm (Shanghai) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (Shanghai subsidiary of Motorcomm Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.) was invited to participate in the launching ceremony of “Future Car · Rule of Law” held in Jinqiao development zone of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone to promote the innovative application of unmanned intelligent connected vehicles in Pudong new area. On the day of the ceremony, the detailed rules for the implementation of industrial innovation application were issued, which means that the Provisions of Shanghai Pudong New Area for Promoting Innovative Application of Unmanned Intelligent Connected Vehicles (hereinafter referred to as the “Pudong Provisions”) has been implemented, and the intelligent connected vehicle industry in Shanghai, especially Pudong, will move towards a new stage of development on the basis of institutional guarantee.


As one of the few suppliers of Ethernet physical layer chips with independent intellectual property rights in China, Motorcomm is the first company in China to pass the OPEN Alliance IOP certification in the field of automotive Ethernet physical layer chips. The self-developed automotive 100 Mbps Ethernet physical layer chip is aimed at the emerging automotive Ethernet market, and has passed the AEC-Q100 Grade 1 certification. The chip has successively entered the domestic well-known vehicle supporting facilities suppliers such as Svauto for testing and achieved small-batch sales. The automotive GE physical layer chip has been taped out and sent to mainstream automobile brands such as Svauto for testing. It has passed the function and performance tests of well-known manufacturers such as GAC Group and Svauto.

The contemporary automobile market represented by new energy vehicles will be one of the downstream application fields that Motorcomm will focus on in the future. Domestic new energy vehicles are developing rapidly with the strong encouragement and supports from the state, which brings explosive growth of electrification, connected, intelligent, and sharing demands. The automotive Ethernet plays an important role as the basis of automobile communication. Motorcomm will invest nearly RMB 300 million in the development and industrialization of automotive Ethernet chips according to the plan. In the future, it will vigorously promote the sales of automotive Ethernet products, seize market opportunities, and help domestic new energy vehicles to be independent and controllable.