Motorcomm Joined the “Circle of Friends” in the Future Automotive Eco-industrial Chain



 On the morning of April 19, Motorcomm was invited to attend the Jinqiao Future Automobile Industry Conference and the signing ceremony of industrial chain ecological co-construction program. The conference introduced the ecology of the future automotive industry, the ecology of application scenario and the ecology of supporting services, and aimed to establish an ecological “circle of friends” in the future automotive industry chain in China. More than 50 companies in the future automotive industry chain attended the conference, and Motorcomm, as one of the representative 24 companies, signed a proposal for ecological co-construction of the future automotive industry.

The enterprises that signed the proposal are mainly engaged in the core future automotive industries such as vehicle manufacturing and testing, automotive electronics, power system, R&D and manufacturing, intelligent network system integration, core parts production, and auto finance. The signing of the proposal for ecological co-construction of the future automotive industry will further strengthen the ecological industry adherence and promote the upgrading of the industry chain. Meanwhile, the formation of an industrial “circle of friends” will strengthen cooperation among enterprises in the industry chain, allowing them to seize opportunities and embrace the new era of the automotive industry, and will accelerate the gathering of leading enterprises in the future automobile industry in Pudong New Area, to achieve the multiplication of the scale of the future automobile industry in Pudong New Area and Shanghai, and promote the rapid development of the future automobile industry.

Aiming to achieve high reliability, high stability and globalization of communication chip products, Motorcomm takes Ethernet physical layer chips as the breakthrough point, and continuously introduces series of chip products in the market. Motorcomm is one of the few suppliers in the Chinese Mainland who has independent intellectual property rights and has realized mass marketing of multi-rate and multi-port Ethernet physical layer chips.

Its YT8011 series of in-vehicle Gigabit Ethernet physical layer chip with fully independent intellectual property rights is an Ethernet transceiver compliant with in-vehicle Ethernet 100BASE-T1 and Gigabit 1000BASE-T1 standards, supporting IEEE802.3bw and 802.3bp protocols. It is worth noting that 1000BASE-T1 is a standard developed by the IEEE only in recent years for high-speed data transmission in vehicles, whose commercial chips are beginning to be used in high-end models. With the introduction of YT8011 series, Motorcomm has reached a new level of Ethernet physical layer technology.